Safety Ensured with Holographic Stickers

With the increase in fraudulence cases in the market, companies are widely using security holograms to protect their brand originality. The ill practitioners try to copy the original products and sell it in the market at cheaper rates, thereby spoiling the identity and the market of the original goods. To counterfeit this activity, holograms are widely used by established brands and companies.

So, does the use of holograms perfectly ensure the security of the brands? What makes it so obvious, that once you have used the security holograms on your products you can be rest assured. Well the answer is: that no other method is as fool-proof and cost effective as the usage of hologram. It is the safest way to protect the identity of the product in this cut-throat competitive scenario.

High Precision Technology
The security stickers are made using high, advanced and secured technology. This ensures that the label that is created for the company is unique and it cannot be duplicated by fraudulent means. Once stuck to the original product they cannot be removed and re-used and hence there is no question of tampering the originality of the product. A lot of steps are involved in the creation of a hologram which includes
coating, screening, finishing, embossing etc which gives a unique identity to the hologram.

Holograms are Customizable

The holograms that are made for a particular company are unique to it using the particular specifications of the company like the logo, symbol of the product etc. These features make the hologram quite unique and ensure the security of the product.

Holograms cannot be duplicated

Security holograms are a big aid in the market filled with counterfeiters ready to duplicate the products. These holograms are made using high level of security measures and shield. They contain unique images, undergoes special screening and the 2D image used in the hologram is converted to 3D which makes duplicity impossible.

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